Becoming a full time photographer in Brighton

August 17, 2018

I moved to Brighton to become a photographer. My wife moved here to become a rockstar. We moved here together to chase our dreams, and that's exactly what we are doing. I now take on commercial, portrait, wedding and property photography projects and I love it. The reason I take on such a broad subject is that each one comes with its own challenges and each makes me a well-rounded photographer. One day I will knuckle down and focus in on one genre (probably) but for now, I am quite happy where I am.


 On my doorstep - West Pier in Brighton


Brighton offers many opportunities in the photographic world - you have the abundance of urban, rural and studio spaces to visit for whatever project you may be working on. The urban areas are many and varied. The main one for me is all the graffiti in Brighton which there is so much of and is an excellent backdrop for band and product photo shoots - even the other day I saw someone having their corporate headshot taken in front of some. The rural places are mainly the South Downs and all the surrounding villages. If you wanted to travel further afield then there are also many large woodlands - a favourite of mine is Abbots Woods NW of Eastbourne and only 5 miles from Polegate. I am yet to use any studio spaces as I am mainly an on-location photographer but there are plenty around to choose from.


 Brighton coastline on a stormy day (1 sec exposure)


As well as locations you also have countless creatives in all the relative fields to network with. This is great if you want to collaborate with other like-minded people and make more ambitious projects come to life. From makeup artists, filmmakers, other photographers, musicians, artists... The list is endless and so are the possibilities.


So far I have many projects lined up which include band shoots, weddings and commercial work - as well as my own personal projects and planning adventures.


Stay tuned.


Here's me working hard at home. Being a photographer isn't just abut taking pretty photos, it's also involves running a business!
 // @thewildmiles



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