The Truth Behind My Instagram.

You may or may not have seen my instagram page. It’s full of my prized photos (and memories) from my travels around the world and adventures here in the UK. Accompanied with each image is a caption; sometimes this describes the story behind the photo, others have a brief explanation of what is going on in my life at that current time. One thing's for sure: It is all real. What I mean by that is that it’s a true reflection of me. I take pictures because I visit some of the most amazing places on earth and I want to come away with some evidence.

One heck of an ascent up this mountain. Plenty of falling over in deep snow, crashing into trees, running low on food supplies and battling freezing conditions.

I love to share my experiences with others - portraying the feeling you get when you are looking across vast rugged landscapes in Iceland, or sunsets dropping behind the French Alps. Sometimes just pointing a camera at something beautiful and expecting it to look like it did when you were there, unfortunately doesn’t work a lot of the time. That is why when I shoot, I only take photos in RAW format, which basically means once you press the shutter and take a photo, the information that is written to the memory card is a very detailed file. It has all the information about the shadows, colours, highlights and so much more, which means that when it comes to editing the photo, you have maximum creative leverage. Once you have seen my instagram feed, you will see what I mean.

Being chauffeured around on the back of a bicycle in Kenya.

With instagram it’s very easy to fall into the trap of seeing so many beautiful feeds and happy captions to think that it is the reality. This is not always the case. For most, Instagram profiles are a portrayal of the best parts of our lives. You can’t knock that. Most of us want to be inspired. Which would you prefer to see: a photo of someone chilling in a hammock, swinging between two palm tress, loving life on a Caribbean beach; or someone sat at their desk working a 9-5 job in accounts? (No offence if that’s you!) I know which one I would want to see. I like to think that I create content which inspires, even if it encourages just one person out there steps out of their comfort zone and pursue an adventure - no matter how big or small.

Sat watching the most amazing waterfall I have ever seen. It was raining so I was cold and wet, but never the less, still astonished.

At the moment I am planning numerous trips. The soonest one is a trip to Scotland next week! This is another solo trip, as are most of them to be honest. This is normally because I discover I have a couple days free at the last minute, so I jet off on the cheapest flight out of the country. There are some great reasons to travel solo, and some not so great reasons. At times it gets lonely: I’ve slept in countless cars parks; pitched tents in the middle of nowhere while getting the feeling I'm being watched; I’ve ended up lost (or temporarily navigationally challenged as we used to say in the Marines); worried about the total lack of funds in my bank account and at times I've felt totally out of my depth. That's the reality of travelling.

Trying my best to keep my two dogs still for a photo, but it just never happened!

Despite all the troubles I have faced over my years of travelling, I don’t regret one moment. Every challenge you face better equips you should you ever be faced with the same situation again, and ultimately it reminds us that we are only human.

I want to give a little insight into the reality of what goes on behind some of my photos and that it’s not all sunshine and fairytales. In fact I hope you now know it's quite the opposite: from frustrations in budgets, the random downpours of rain with nowhere to hide and the way some of my photos actually look before I work Lightroom’s wizardry on them.

Enjoying a sunset a little closer to home.

If my stories or Instagram feed inspires you, then I am truly humbled - thank you. I hope by sharing some of the realities of adventuring, it breaks down some barriers and inspires you to get out there to experience your own unforgettable moments.

Until next time,


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